Midnight Pub

Muddled thoughts


A thank you

My anxiety has waxed and waned over the last few weeks or so. But each night as I lay in bed, she who must be obeyed drifts off to sleep and the cats - after a manic 5 minutes - settle to sleep with one on my chest, I peer in the window of the Midnight and read the conversations while nursing a mug of hot sweet tea in the corner.

Some are deep, some thoughtful, some light hearted. All are honest and interesting. They take my mind away from my thoughts.

I am grateful. You all help. Thank you.

Giving back

I am conscious of a desire to write something, to 'give back' as such. I am also aware my recent post deservedly got the charming verdict of being "that's a lotta everything but fun". (Taken in good humour young ~inquiry)

Sadly there has been some more "everything but fun",

While sad and worrying respectively they have had the effect of being a "kick up the pants*"

[*ruder versions available]

Small stuff but a start.

"Attitude determines altitude" is true not just of aircraft.

You all have a good and safe one!

~bartender, a drink for all please, and a large kipper for smudge.



Hang in there!

Not that it's necessarily your <lame humor attempt in three.. two..> cup of tea, but I chanced upon and listened to the first of the mp3's listed here, today, and rather enjoyed it... so maybe/hopefully you too:



Thank you :)