Midnight Pub

The Midnight Habit


I hope I find all you fellow midnights well!

It is over a month since I last graced the pub with my ramblings, and I admit I need to do the courtesy of reading what you have all been saying these past few weeks.

I am trying to change habits. Again. The most sensible advice I have come across is to not to just stop doing something but to replace it with another action - don't leave a void. We all know how nature feels about voids.

Reminds me of something I once read about the buddhist advice on habits, but I can no longer find. Something like this:

The order of dealing with habits:

( If anyone knows the correct phrase or passage I would be grateful.)

You can see how this ancient advice mirrors the thinking of modern Psychologists.

So I am going to write something each night if I can, to hopefully overwrite the folkways in my mind.

Thank you for listening.