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The Weighty Problem #diet



I am over weight and need to do something about it.


I am over weight. I had started to get a handle on it back in early 2020, just in time for a pandemic, lockdowns and now nearly three years of nearly 100% home working.

Now I am back where I was.

I read a great guide called 'The Hacker Diet'[1] written by an engineer. The one habit that stuck is a daily weigh in every morning - after bathroom before breakfast. Yep you do vary a lot daily, but I use a spreadsheet and look at the 7 day average to smooth it out.


The up side

I have 'some' willpower.

and now?

For various reasons, chiefly medical, but also work and energy levels, I need to get a handle on this.

Work has many changes coming and I am now the old guy in a team of about 30 who all out qualify me.

the kick

What's to Do?

The first thing is admit I need to do something. But what?

Initial thoughts

Maybe sharing this may help. An anonymous(e) blog of thoughts, lessons learned, and hopefully progress.

Thank you for listening as always. Bartender a sparkling water for me please


[1] The Hacker Diet



I wish you and Mrs Mouse every success!

I've been on a weight see-saw for about five years. I weigh myself most mornings and try to stick to unprocessed foods (exception made for yoghurt, wholegrain bread, some protein powders). I'm down about 30lbs but plateauing.



Hey ~mouse,

I have changed diet about 3 years ago and this has allowed for some loss and imho more importantly keep that lower weight stable.

I was afraid, that I "die from hunger" in the evening, when skipping the 3rd meal. It has not happened. When being invited in the evening for a full meal, I often don't sleep well afterwards. This shows that digestion is a thing of labour. I have adapted well to only two meals per day. As far as I have learned the extended period of time without food (14h or more) is key to this.

When I started this, my hopes were quite low, but I did have to change something, or anything, really.

Take care,




This is your quest: find a sport that you will fall madly in love for.

I found it against all hope, right at the local beach.


Good and sound advice.

I've never been one for sports as such, but your suggestion did make me think back to activities I used to do and how can I get back into them.

  • Static bike in the shed
  • Rucking (long walks with a weighted - 40lb - rucksack)
  • I have some kettlebells...

Food for thought. Thank you



I like rucking too, of sorts... I just carry what I would carry in a hike, got some puzzled looks, but, hey I'm training. This year, I'm training for the West Highland Way.

Ruck away, do whatever, find your crush :)



ayo nice! i been on a diet for about a year to help with a family member n iv lost about like, 30-32kg (about 70lbs i think?) heres some of my experiences so far:

- Keep in mind that while the cardio is gonna have awesome benefits for other reasons, most of the weigh tloss will come from what/how much ur eating so keeping a log of that stuff sounds like a good plan to me.

- The plan im following still allows for an optional little treat every day, bc if u just cut that shit out completely it can really erode ur will power.

- There may be a point where u "plateau" on ur weight loss, this doesnt mean ur plan has stopped working, its just ur body adapting to the got changes ur making so do ur best to push through it and itl begin to fall off again

wishing u the best of luck mate!



Firstly well done Squiddied, that is a very impressive achievement! I sincerely hope it's also helping your family member too.

Thanks for the advice.

  • I mentioned the bike and walking as I have just gradually slid into reduced activity, and may help with sleep and general wellbeing. But you are correct, as someone said:
You cannot run away from a bad diet.
  • I plan a few treats - Shortbread, home made fruit cakes - I just avoid certain things that would tempt a binge.
  • I've met the plateau before, hopefully using weekly averages will show the long term progress. This is a long haul:
Not going "on a diet" but "changing my diet."

Grateful for the feedback.



I stress eat, too. What's wrong with (dark) chocolate?

Fourmilab? That's a famous site in my book.



Nothing wrong with chocolate, especially not dark chocolate. Has many benefits.

For me it was becoming a habital, almost ritual, item to eat.

I recall an article on habits, the author suggesting people broadly fall into two types when it came to controlling habits:

  • maintainers - who have the ability to monitor and control habits
  • abstainers - who cannot control habits but can abstain.

For many things I fall into the latter group.

So it's me not the chocolate that has a problem.

I have a similar issue with shortbread, but as it's rarely brought into the house - and I do need some vices - that remains.