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I have had a ponder about my idea to write something here each day for a month.

Then I had one of my daft notions:

The Midnight is Sociable-Media

Writing each day for no other reason than just writing does not seem a good or respectful idea. It seems a bit like the guy who every night when walking into the bar picks the same song on the jukebox.

I'll sit quietly in the corner and listen quietly [read the post back catalogue]


Writing (daily) is great/fun, and when people add in their two cents, it makes it even better! I was fxxxin' thrilled when Write.as added the (lo-fi) comment system, but without it, I was forced to display a public e-mail again, which lead to nice things (e-mail "pen pals", so to speak) :)

And I agree with the reading + writing = breathing > breathing = living sentiment in the comments below, too. I read all day, and it is usually (small) blogs, and Gemini blogs, and other various feeds. I lack sorely on reading books, but I will have "a time" again, as I sometimes go over a year with no books read, and then get back into it.

So ~bartender, perhaps some creamer to "cut" this instant espresso I have. And ~mouse, 100% support the daily writing idea! Here on Midnight or elsewhere, link it up so we can read along! :)




Hi ~mouse, good to see you!

~bartender? A hot chocolate with spices, and water as well, please! Thank you!

Well, I wouldn't mind, if you write a little every day. Maybe some narrative unfolds, unknown at the beginning, you never know. And the Midnight has been a bit quiet lately. If I have nothing to comment, well fine. I do read the messages of you fellow Midnighters. Or, I lurk in the darker part of the salon, if I may say that.

I got a new keyboard, mechanical switches, but fairly quiet. The geometry is the new thing. It's a keyboard.io model 100, walnut wood case, black caps. And it feels suprisingly good. But ok, I see, keyboards may not be on supply at the bar. I did however, visit a fellow nerd, who wanted to try the feeling of my keyboards. And apparently he'll be ordering a wasd keyboard with Cherry MX brown switches.

Oh well, not much of importance, right?

So I walk over to the jukebox to see, if some Siegel-Schwall-Band songs are available.




I'm suddenly liking a breathing analogy, where:

Which *might* suggest reading/writing is a bit more vital to those who feel it along those lines.

(I suspect the analogy could be extended in lots of ways, i.e. the meaning of "hyperventilating", "bad breath", etc....)



Love this analogy!



I like the analogy.

It shows the link, you really need to do both to get the best out of either?



Or even merely to make it to the next round thereof.



Writing, as old literature professors would say, is an art that needs practicing. It has to become a habit.

To me the very physical act of writing (since I write on paper first) and also the mental effort, needs practicing. One should not wait for inspiration to be bestowed upon them, but rather practice good writing. Like all great writers who locked themselves in their room for hours until they wrote enough for one day.

I too find myself often 'dry' of ideas or things to write that are 'worth' writing. But again I force myself to write at least a page.

Each to his own but if you write and post, I for one will read.