Midnight Pub


tffb - too fast for blog - aka me (TMO) I'm a (seemingly) 24/7 diarist on Write.as, a novice audiophile, and a minimalist. Midnight(.pub) rounds of coffee are always a treat every so often, and the people here are really quite nice. I drink tons of coffee, smoke a pipe, and dream dreams of someday becoming a revolting meme. Cheers!

2021-01-07 stopping in for a late-night mug of java
2021-01-05 hey, Midnight Pubbers! :)
2020-11-29 helloooo in there! ;)
2020-11-22 hey, all
2020-11-17 another late eve
2020-11-14 Having a ciggy
2020-11-14 I found a fireplacešŸ”„
2020-11-13 hello, everyone