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2023-06-10 writing as a writer
2023-06-10 Cob(WW)Webs and the New AI Sheen!
2023-06-06 Out with the junk and clunk, in with open web protocols
2023-06-05 emotional allocation
2023-06-04 littered letters
2023-06-01 away with ye, for we have won the WWW
2023-05-30 honestly, I have to agree...
2023-05-26 The hopeful thing about the Internet...
2023-05-24 churning The Midnight toil
2023-05-23 A hiatus for ^Z, and other things
2023-05-21 it's you and me, phone - entertain me
2023-05-19 "hey hey mama, have you read the news..."
2023-05-19 The Tao of Seinfeld
2023-05-17 even alleyway pubs have their bar bellars
2023-05-16 "the only way to win, is not to play"
2023-05-13 when music is whirly and warped
2023-05-12 am I missing something? (everything?)
2023-05-10 I'm becoming a worse writer at the same pace I become a better Sysadmin
2023-05-09 a follower count = public "better than" points
2023-05-08 the post-social tech party has more attendees than you think
2023-05-06 a pipe, a pub, and ponderance
2023-04-28 fresh out the hospital
2023-04-22 can you hear it, calling in the air tonight. hold on
2023-04-19 obscene amt of zines
2023-04-06 what must be said, "must" not be said
2023-03-19 hey Midnight patrons, lookie here
2023-03-01 Pentester for Socials
2023-02-09 Turn up, write on, and slop out
2022-12-18 as per my last post I made here...
2022-12-11 well then, I will just say a little something right here :)
2022-12-04 clubs, corners, and correspondence - a blog renaissance(?), and a smol web takes shape
2022-11-25 you've been blogroll'd, Midnighters (and Happy Thanksgiving)
2022-10-27 how did you start dev (for those who do)?
2022-10-25 a stop in at The Midnight
2022-10-20 non-fatherhood
2022-09-24 Assembling some notes on Assembly Language
2022-09-12 "I want to publish zines, and rage against the machine..."
2022-08-26 "nothing's gonna change my world"
2022-08-07 didn't your mother ever tell you not to talk to strange bloggers?
2022-08-01 Crimson and Clover
2022-07-24 OMG, OMD
2022-07-12 listening to Jazz, and all that Jazz
2022-07-08 the beauty of shallow Pop
2022-07-03 the rain, the explosions, the neighbor from Hell
2022-06-16 zine compiling, and coffee consumption
2022-06-15 ups, downs, all arounds
2022-06-02 racing to 1,000
2022-05-29 a four-course meal of horse, of course
2022-05-25 caffeinated hospitality
2022-05-24 never meant to be