Midnight Pub

The Wanderer Returns (map upside down)


Happy New Year all!

may the coming year provide you with what you need and want.

I hope you are all fit and well, and enjoyed the last few weeks

Two months ago I had the grand idea of writing a post each night. We can see how well that went can’t we. What worries me is that I look back an have no recollection of what was going on to stumble after just two consecutive posts.

Well, after finding my password (thanks the great maker for the underside of beer mats) I thought I would quietly sneak back in and sit in the corner. Lots to catch up on here at the bar it seems.

The issue

I have great difficulty directing myself. As someone said:

The mind tells the body and it obeys, the mind tells the mind and it rebels.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Any and all gladly received.


Blwyddyn newydd dda, ~mouse (Happy New Year), to one returning wanderer from another…

The second half of last year got quite busy and pulled me away from here, so I've got some catching up to do as well.

But hey, it's a new year, one for which I've picked as a personal keyword "evolution", so let's see how all this continues to evolve!



Suggestions? Get yourself a password manager! Can't have you spending your evenings outside in the cold, while this toasty and cozy pub is here!



I do, just it's a local one on the PC, and I normally visit 'The Midnight' by phone from someplace else.

( I use keepass: free, simple, does what says on tin.



But thank you for the advice and sentiment, much appreciated.



Kill the rebels!

(just kidding :) )



Alas that plan never seems to end well. At least not for the established order / empire / fiefdom..

But, you have made me think. Maybe my bad habits or 'way of being' *is* the evil empire, and the rebels are the notions that something needs to change.

I need to get out more.