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I'm Johano, aka GejaSimio, and I'm just getting started with Midnight Pub and Gemini in general really.

I have a capsule in progress over here:

Asterojdo b612

And my gemlog here:


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2022-05-30 1st Decan of Gemini, the 2nd approaches...
2022-04-21 1st Decan of Taurus
2022-04-15 Quicksilver Day, Leaden Night
2022-04-12 More Poetry
2022-04-08 Two Poems
2022-04-03 Belated poem for the new month
2022-04-01 Gweithio yn yr ardd heddiw...
2022-02-20 Yn y dafarn heno...
2022-02-17 intro to pub and responding to "The Small Internet"