Midnight Pub

ups, downs, all arounds




Sorry to hear that ~tffb.

Hope you feel better soon. I'll have a chai with you if you don't mind.

I tend to go two ways with music when I have the blues, I either listen to upbeat hip-hop stuff or I listen to bhajans. Now I don't know if you know what Bhajans are, but they are basically hindu religious songs. They provide me strength to move on.

Here is an album that might help you feel better (if you like it though):

Graduation - Kanye west

Feel better!



Hey ~orchard, I'll gladly join you in chai (though, IRL I am not sure if I have ever had actual chai?)

I have fond memories of Graduation back in 2007/8, and remember hearing a friend play it quite a few times back then. Might be worth a revisit :)

Thanks for the recommendation, stay well