Midnight Pub

The heat is on ...


Me wanders fairly slowly along the dark back alley. This shade is a welcome change to the heat outside, piling up high on main street, yes well. Let's face it: The heat is on!

  Hot town, summer in the city
  Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
  Been down, isn't it a pity
  Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city

by Lovin' Spoonful

So I enter the Midnight after issuing the magic spell. It's dark in here, for sure, I wait a moment. The I can make out ~bartender coming back from the garden juggling a large tray of glasses, bottles, and what not ...

They are all in the garden!

He seems cheerful and happy. Ready to serve patrons as always. I smile.

Well, a big lemonade, a coffee, and a place in the shade would do wonders.

~bartender nods and points into the general direction of the trees outside beyond the terrace. The temperature on the terrace is fairly horrible, but underneath the trees in the back yard, it's actually pleasant. ~bartender has moved all tables to the shade. How nice!

Good to see familiar faces out there, having a drink, maybe a slow conversation, and just a nice afternoon.

Cheers, stay cool, mates!


Thanks for putting the sax part from "The Heat Is On" in my head all day.... :-)



Yes it is hot out there! I’m in TX and it’s going to be another 100+F day!!