Midnight Pub



sup peeps, i'm jc!

i've read some posts here and am excited to get to know y'all. i used to spend most if not all my time on twitter, but slowly i'm weaning off of it. didn't really serve me much apart from a time-killer and a mind-occupier.

i would like this space to become a journal of sorts, not daily entries but just on specific topics and discussing them with y'all.

of course i'm also looking forward to replying and engaging in discussion!

i'm pretty into gaming, specifically ssbm, fighting games, TFT, and whatever's popular. nowadays though i feel like i don't game as much due to low energy after work. i enjoy watching twitch instead (wayyy too many hours lol).

more recently, i've been into:

some other things i'm into, and yet to fully reflect as to why I'm doing it:

~bartender, pour me a gin & tonic, i need some social lubricant!


It looks like a nice recipe for life.



it has been so far, quite proud of it after some not-so-successful attempts. and yet im nowhere near perfect :p



Welcome, ~jc. Looking forward to reading more!



thanks ~inquiry! look forward to hangin' out