Midnight Pub

Failures and froyo


Bartender, I would like a chocolate milkshake.

My trip to the city has been a failure. I lost the war against calories. It has been more than a week and I have not stuck to my diet plan. I feel bloated. Hence I came here, to talk about it. I am going to start tomorrow, of course. Just after this one chocolate milkshake...

I feel bloated.

This is imho the important bit. Try to remember that feeling.

I personally don't eat anything after lunch any more. Except when I do. And I better eat only a little in the evening, because otherwise I will not sleep well, due to all the inner tubes and things working an extra shift.

Take care!



keep the faith ~orchard! Pullin' for ya!

Stay well :)



Thank you. Hoping for another miracle.