Midnight Pub

Another Friday


It's a bit late, but heck, better late than never ... I was a bit distracted by the new kiosk around the corner ... so I enter the Midnight after the magic spell ...

~bartender? A big lemonade and a white port, please! On the terrace, if I can find a power plug there? Yes? My little machine needs to grok some new code, and since it is little, it will take longer than the battery lasts ... oh well. The joys of technology.

building elfeed-org -> Building org ...

This will take a bit. I wander back to the jukebox ... my eyes scan the lists ... how about some bar type Jazz? Klaus Doldinger and his mates blowing and tacking away on "Stars fell on Alabama" ... :-)

My drinks are served ... nice! Cheers folks, what have you been up to?

I have taken my recumbent bike for a short ride two days ago. Not a particularly brilliant idea, turns out I'm quite out of training. Oh well.


hey ~ew!

Nice choice of tunes :) I needed some sort of "jumping off point" in regards to what Jazz is "good" Jazz, as I haven't fully explored the genre.

I'll join ya on the Terrace with a black coffee if you don't mind, ~bartender. But I'll take it traditionally brewed, and not instant this go 'round, because I think the instant may be screwing up my organs(!) lol

I've been meaning to tool and fool with a project, myself, such as getting either Standard Notes or HedgeDoc running on my VPS, so I should dig into that soon. Could be anytime!

Also batted around the idea of getting into Gopher/Gemini, as it's a favorite of many patrons of the small web, and I think it would be fun. Haven't dug in, yet, though.

May the night stay young :)



hey ~tffb, good to see you around!

"Good Jazz" --- well, I keep saying something like "no matter what names are on the cover, if they don't perform with some precision, I might not like it, Jazz or not :-)" I have gotten a new issue of the old album "Africa/Brass" by the John Coltrane Quartet. This album is so old, but it still gives me goose bumps, so "good Jazz" by my definition :)



I'm gonna listen to "live at the Half Note" in just a little bit here on Tidal. Looking forward to it!



A little while later ...

My machine has succeeded byte compiling files, M-x elpher works and surprise surprise: I can now see myself on the screen as I sit on the terrace of The Midnight! Fantastic!



Yup, elpher is awesome, I'm using it and eww for writing replies, best way to smol-web!