Midnight Pub

"The Geminaut" Jukebox


Waiting for the ~bartender to get to ya? Havin a stroll through my stand outside the pub, but wanna hear a familiar tune instead while I'm packin it in for the night? Maybe just eyein' a lass (or lad (or delectable creature)) from across the pub but want a good song that'll sound cool to introduce yourself to and ask for a dance?

"The Geminaut": Auragem Playlist
Behold. A playlist, for the geminaut, BY the geminaut.

Listen to a variety of tunes from many different styles, as it starts with cyber-gadgetry laden sounds transitioning into familiar strings, bells, whistles, and the occasional chant and grunt.

Aye, but there ain't a tune you're fixin to look for, you wonder?

Fret not.
"The Geminaut" Contributor Link
With this access, you can get in there, and add a tune of your own!

Maybe you wanna include a well-known hit you feel went unacknowledged? Heck, feel free to add anything you make of your own! Have at it, my friends.

With that said, what's your favorite Jukebox pick in a place of recreation (bar, club, arcade, etc)?

I'll admit, i'm an odd duck. I might catch a few glares, but if I can, I'll throw this in a mix every once in a while.

"Beatnik" by Voice Farm (LP "The World We Live In")

It's not a dance hit by any means, but it's a hit to me. What's your guys' goto?

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My favorite Jukebox pick in bar/club/arcade/etc.

I can only go back to 2006 when I was newly sober and spent most of my days at a huge sports bar in bumfxxx Missouri (ironic that a sober dude spent so much time at a bar, but they had pool tables and good food! LOL!)

They also had a Jukebox attached to the wall. The selections I would usually choose from were:

- Nirvana "In Bloom"

- Shakira "Hips Don't Lie" (I'm sure the roughnecks of Jefferson County had fun listening to that on full-blast while they sipped their drafts)

- Motley Crue "Too Young To Fall In Love"

- and other tracks that I took an interest in at that time (all of which I still do)

Thanks for sharing this!

~bartender, a hot coffee, if I may?

Stay well!