Midnight Pub

Greetings, fellow patrons


Greetings everyone

I'm ender, and about a few weeks ago, I discovered Gemini. This protocol pricked my curiosity and I researched it further, finding my way onto a link aggregator called spacewalk, which lead me here. Hopefully I'll get along with everyone else here.

A coffee please, bartender.


Welcome ~enderasg!

I'll join you in a coffee, and my thanks to the ~bartender :)

This is a nice spot/hub/pub/corner of the Smol Web that is always relaxing to visit for me. I am always learning about something new from different people's projects, or sometimes just hearing of people's day, as sometimes they will mine. Always loved The Midnight.

I have been promising myself to jump into the Gemini protocol as of recent months, but I am still visiting The Midnight via the plain ole WWW. I'll delve into Gemini in due time, though.

Have a nice night!



Yeah, it's a pretty peaceful place to just relax and read what others have written. BTW if you are jumping into Gemini the Lagrange client is really nice and more akin to a regular browser. It's what i use



Welcome ender. Good people here. 👍



Hey, I stumbled upon this place just a week ago for the same reason! It's fun here, you'll like it.

~bartender, a coffee for the newcomer, and some tea for me.



Hello ~enderasg, hope you like it here. Be sure to give Smudge (the bar cat) a stroke, when it makes an appearance. And never mind some of the patron speaking strange languages like Cumraeg/Welsh, or Toki Pona or whatever ...

~bartender? Whatever the newcomer pleases, and a stout for me, please. Thank you!



Welcome, ~enderasg!



Welcome, Ender. You have found a very intriguing place here.