Midnight Pub

An interesting place.


I walk into the Midnight Pub after a long day, plopping down in one of the stools up next to the bar, and begin taking my homework out of my backpack.

"Don't worry, ain't here for liquor, ~bartender. I'll take a sweet tea instead," I go. Figuring that, even in a virtual pub, it would still be less than legal to get anything alcoholic.

As I do my homework, I listen to the stories the various patrons tell as they come and go. Some are short, just small little events that happened during their day. Some are verbose and vibrant, so much so that even when I don't understand everything they're saying, I'm still engaged and can understand the bigger picture. There's the occasional eccentric figure sharing something they've created as well, similar to the person in the trench coat sharing free games they created a while back.

These stories can be informative, and helpful, and sometimes they describe an experience the speaker had that I've never even dreamed of having. It's fun to listen.

That's kind of what the Pub feels like to me.


hello, ~impulse!

Good to see folks in and around here. I'll join in with a non-alcoholic beverage with hot coffee.

Speaking of free games, a patron here made one about/for The Midnight some time ago:

Part 1 here - http://pico-midnight-episode1.surge.sh/midnight.html

Part 2 here - http://pico-midnight-episode2.surge.sh/midnight.html

...though I cannot remember WHO created these games :( Very cool though, indeed!

The Pub feels very "dark but neon", to me. Like a "hole in the wall" type of establishment in a dense city (off Main Street), but one that has neon lighting all around, inside and out, to draw in the occasional passer-by, even if they didn't know they needed/wanted to visit this corner of the Web.

Like an "impulse" decision ;)

Stay well!



Hey, thanks for welcoming me, and for sharing the games too!

You stay well too!