Midnight Pub

Getting colder in the mountains


B: I was thinking for my 6th birthday, I want to take my friends to... uh...

Z: ... like, that new trampoline place?...

B: No, eh... oh: Las Vegas!

Gonna get wild.


A neat thing about the mountains is that life has a seasonal flow.

In the city, every day is effectively the same year-round: We do the same things, but dark and cold. Work and school start at the same time. There's no real prep, flip the thermostat from 'cool' to 'heat'. Instead of resting, we push harder to keep up the same summertime productivity.

It's still ~5-15C outside, but pretty soon there will be more than a meter of snow on the ground and it will be tough to do much of anything until April. The mountain noises are chainsaws and log splitters. At the hardware store, people are buying last-minute things to winterize before leaving until next spring. My neighbor up the road built a new shed. The animals are trying to pack on a few more pounds.

Elk bugle sounds are eerie. Like an off-key flute, circling all night. If you hadn't heard it before it's straight from a horror movie, but nah, just elk Tinder.

I thought it would be funny to do a long Twitch stream of log chopping in a vibrant, yellow and red forest... but I only have enough service for Gemini ;)

But, meanwhile, 30km over the pass, the ski resorts are ramping up for total madness!

Elk Tinder

:-) Great! You shall have enough firewood and always the appropriate amount of fun!



I appreciate the imagery/soundagery. Beautiful!