Midnight Pub

Azhdahak II



O night of ghastly shame, hear me!

you with your stars that glitter like salt on my wounds!

Curse you! Curse you and your stars that like holes in a thick veil let light through...

It burns! Curse you!

Curse you and your moon that so brightly attests hope...

That moon that betokens love and lust so unblushingly...

O night of hefty wounds, I hear you!

I hear your screams, past the symphony of the crickets,

beyond the chorus frogs wall of sound...

O great concealing night!

You know the true hearts of men!

Only you have seen such crimes, such gore, such cries...

O night you know the owner of every nameless grave and the way to every

forgotten tomb...

but I curse you!

For the whip that coiled and writhed like a serpent

wore your cloak and fell, so heavy, so strong, on the wailing man's flesh.

And the people who woke with the cries asked "who is it that scars with each strike

and cries with each breath?"

And they could not see me for your veil covered me and your stars and

your moon were shining elsewhere!


This is great. A raving madman cursing the night itself, only to be shielded by it when everyone comes out to see who he is lol. So typical of madmen.




In truth he is cursing the night because he was hidden by it when he suffered and the people who heard his cries couldn't see him.

But later he will understand that the night is not to be blamed.

Thats part III :)



ahh got it, he wasn't shielded, his suffering was in fact obscured by the night. let's see what happens next...