Midnight Pub




In the endless pits I named thee

Unspoken one

Unscathed one

In the depths of my heart I felt thee

The burning one

The bleeding scar

On the highest peak

Of life so bleak

I touched thee,

By the hem of your grace,

Only grazed thee

O' formless one

O' Shapeless one

In my wildest dreams I spoke with thee

O' headless one

O' Acephale

And in my head I hear thee

O' Soundless one

O' Tongueless one

And O' Wanderer of thought!

Of thousand cuts and thousand scars

O' Robe-less one

I robe thee in my shame and loath of the human sons

O' inhuman one

O' transcended one!



Dramatic, very nice. +1



Glad you liked it <3