Midnight Pub

the wretchedness of being sick


Tears of the feeble  
Throats of the frayed  
Skin of the fevered  
Mouths of the flayed
Building a folly  
So high in the sky
When the whole thing comes crashing down  
Don't ask me why

My SO had flu last week, and for some reason I thought - as I think every year (barring Corona) - that I'm somehow stronger or more immune to it. I wasn't keeping my distance from her, sharing the same food she'd dipped her spoon in, and in general acting like I was an untouchable god.

Well well well, how the tables have turned. My throat feels like a cheese grater. It looks like I won't be going anywhere today.

Worst part is that our work group was planning to go on a christmas market outing this week, which I was looking forward to. Plus there's the christmas party next week.

Oh I hate being sick. Mumble, grumble.


Sore throats are the worst part of catching the cold.



Really are. You can barely sleep, barely eat, and everything tastes horrible.



There a bad "humbug" joke in there somewhere.... >_<

Recover quickly!



thank you