Midnight Pub

clubs, corners, and correspondence - a blog renaissance(?), and a smol web takes shape


There's some headline-y, news story-ish title'ing for you!

I joined `Ctrl-c.club` as of late. I made mention of Midnight.pub, and Smol.pub, and Write.as, and lo and behold, a member mentioned that they, too, frequented some of those/these establishments! :) I asked which one(s), but no response, yet. This occurred on the CLI-based message forum, Iris.

But in regards to a blog renaissance, I've heard the term tossed around lately. Some on Write.as, some from Gemini, some from wherever, all over. It's likely true, though for the "knowledgeable"/ "tHinKfLuEnCeRs", they're likely stuck on Substack in Centralia. Because they have a snowball's chance in hell of actually monetizing that to an extent where a bill (a whole bill!) can be paid.

In the meantime (and indefinitely, I hope) the Smol Web thrives. People sort of "just" communicate, to..."just" communicate. Ideas and knowledge and significant happenings occur all over all the time - participants in decentralized corners of the web partake - the rest of the people "Death Gripping" onto the "main Web" (Web is loose here, it's literally a pittance of a few services) will miss out on the smol(ler) web activities, interactions, and expressions of us, you, me, all.

And on the note of expression, via ASCII art, here's a nice payphone I made (tediously, by-hand) earlier -

Here's hoping the formatting stays (it looks fine in the editor, weird things happen after publishing).

(UPDATE: the ASCII art didn't survive Publishing, as it was reformatted to hug the left hand side of the textarea :/ All is good, though. It's on write.as/tmo/contact :))

Onwards! :)

And ~bartender, a hot black espresso to pour down my throat as the moon rises and the night darkens! :) Thank you!


hello ~tffb! welcome to the midnight pub! i hope you enjoy your stay here :)

p.s., your payphone ascii art is really nice!!



thank you, invicta! I've been here for a while, and am actually an early adopter of this small establishment, but thank you for the warm welcome and the kind words! :)

And thank you for the ASCII Art comment. My first go at ASCII Art - worked well!