Midnight Pub

well then, I will just say a little something right here :)


If/when the "Web" dies, time to contribute to the Web! :)

I was watching a video about setting up a Teleguard BBS in 2021(22?), and found it fascinating. One of the rules a mod/admin would implement, is to require the members of a BBS to post every so often. Like a couple times a week, or something. To keep things interesting, moving along. So, I do this with...everything I participate in (most of the time).

It's fine though, I can look about online and see a sparsely updated RSS feed, as well as other publishing outlets, and just think: ok, we shall rest ;)

So I wanted to say "hi" to all patrons of The Midnight.

~bartender, a hot coffee to accompany my IRL coffee.

I'll flip on some Descendents on the jukebox, and once the beverage is poured, I'll mosey about, until the sky turns bright, until my playlist fades out, until the coffee goes cold and stale.

while (last_ post > a week){
        post(ChatGPT("write a short snarky post from user tetris relevant to the current post"))


pure AI glory! ;)

hi, ~tetris! :)



The ol' 1% rule strikes again: 99% of internet users are lurkers, and 1% create content. Thanks for injecting some energy into this overcast Sunday afternoon, ~tffb!



Hey ~nsilvestri! Thank you for the kind comments! :)

Overcast here, too. Been so for five days in St Louis! :/ I hope Annie's forecast is right, in that the sun will come out tomorrow.



Hello to you, too.



I believe you misspelled "goodbye", ~contrarian! ;)

Ha, hope you're good!