Midnight Pub

as per my last post I made here...


The "when the Web dies" thing - https://midnight.pub/posts/1223, I'd say I have happened across another one of those moments. RSS, Read.write.as, Midnight, Smol Pub, various Mastodon feeds (again, through RSS), they run dry and I'm left with fingers resting on keyboard thinking: "well NOW what am I going to consume-and-then-write about?"

And yea, it's usually general writing ideas I am generating/formulating when I surf blogs. Not straight out responses, or quirky quips, but just some form of mental stimuli to get me to think of something related to something related to something that I can make a blog post out of.

Inspired, yes. Influenced, no.

And might I echo the sentiment that ~inquiry made over on the last ~tetris post about "text hunger' (or text appetite? however he phrased it) - yes. Yes and ditto. It's a smol web I occupy, leaving main socials and large ("pro") blogs to the endless, empty, and ruthless digital consumers about those parts, so I seek out yet rarely find blogs of A) great interest or/and B) high post frequency.

So I end up clicking, and perusing, and glancing, and skimming, and hoping more come along that have a lot to say, or, just say a lot. Rare breeds they (we) be, indeed, but that's how it is.

Perhaps this is another post of "saying to be said", and nudging the folks nearby to say "your tuuurn - go go go!", should they take such queues from loggers off ill refute.


As I go about my day, I often come across some topics that I think would be interesting to write about, but either never find the time to flesh out the idea, or just get distracted with other small funny projects that would steal my focus.

For example: