Midnight Pub

Retrocomputing, a little


I've been doing a little bit of retrocomputing over the holidays. I'm writing this post in Netscape 3.01, running on MacOS 8.1. In an emulator, not on vintage hardware.

Besides the problems you'd expect it to have with the modern web (JavaScript and CSS), it also doesn't handle modern TLS, so I'm having to run it through a TLS-terminating proxy on the ThinkPad that's running the emulator.

Running TurboGopher on MacOS made me really want to acces Gemini from it. My current plan is actually to write a gopher-gemini proxy, and read Gemini from TurboGopher. I have such a proxy about 80% working at this point.

And I'm waiting on one part to come in to get my VT420 working with my Linux machines. It almost works, but no flow control.

Anyway, happy new year, my condolences to everyone going back to work tomorrow (or who had to go back today; or yesterday for that matter).


Oh, brave soul :)