Midnight Pub


An older person, dressed in clothes that might once have been fashionable, even elegant, but now sport frayed cuffs, holes, burns, and stains. Their lined face somehow reflects the same aesthetic as their clothing. They look like they've Seen Some Things. Perhaps even Dim Carcosa.

Dim Carcosa
2021-06-11 The urge to publish regularly?
2021-06-06 An afternoon stop-in before dinner.
2021-05-17 Midnight in the Morning
2021-05-11 Carcosa, fading in and out of existence across the Lake of Hali
2021-05-06 "Why I Work on Ads"
2021-05-03 The perils of self-hosting
2021-04-20 The curious sigil
2021-04-19 Gemini Quickstart!
2021-03-30 Rags and patches