Midnight Pub

So little to tell


I've neither posted here nor on my personal gemlog for ages. Here, because I'm never sure what so say, except in someone else's comment section. There, because most of the ideas I've had for posts are technology oriented (even if slightly weird technology), and I don't want to contribute to the glut of tech content in Geminispace, relative to other content. I'll at least do a book review, if nothing else.

Things seem a lot harder this year than last year.

In any case, bartender, a damn fine coffee, black as the sky on a moonless night, to celebrate the remarkable sobriety of this pub. Personally, I'm involuntarily sober this year, but that's another long story.


I've been posting like a drunken pronouner <coughs>, but I feel mostly silly about it for seemingly going through yet another period of so badly wanting to believe the same words could possibly have the same meaning in other word processing plants, i.e. minds

The brass tacks seem much closer to lurking about where raw attention seems to be happening, finding an opening to tunnel back as though pulling a shirt sleeve of pant leg inside out, leaving the outwardly facing boolies (mind dung?) behind.

Yet madness is seemingly so easily embraced by anything and/or everything appealing to a posited separate free-willed individual self.

  Go Speed Ego
  Go Speed Ego
Go Speed Ego, Go!




~tatterdemalion, makes me think if ~jack was referencing you or me when it comes to the "recovering alcoholic" sentiment in his last post. I could very well be the middle-aged man struggling with my past/future - I don't know, either.

But here's to nice black coffee! :) I am having a Diet Pepsi at the moment, and listening to weird sounding music, but I will dedicate my next cup of Schnucks Classic Roast to you, and me, and the folks of The Midnight, who are a tighter/nicer/more sincere community than we may give ourselves credit for :)




Thank you! I've thankfully never had a drinking problem, but my liver has been declared closed for business for other reasons. I *will* cop to being middle aged and struggling.

Here's to black coffee, the most resilient pleasure.