Midnight Pub

Always here in the morning


Or late morning, here, anyway.

Too early for whisky or absinthe, getting a little late for coffee. A little early for the pub lunch. Perhaps I'll just settle down in one of the armchairs until lunchtime.

Just two months until Halloween, the best day of the year. Seasonal Halloween costume shops have opened, and all of the stores that are going to be selling Halloween decorations have started doing so. One month until it won't be too weird to put Halloween decorations up. I need to decide which classic Gothic novel I'll read this month... considering The Monk or The Castle of Otranto.

Anyway, I'll leave you with some music to get into the spirit of things.

🎃 Halloween Lo-Fi 24/7


Hope you have a nice one! I've already bought a pumpkin pattern sweater for my spaniel in preperation!



I made myself a pumpkin spice latte yesterday. It has begun.



The autumn festival is just around the corner here, and my mouth is salivating already at the pumpkin based meals we'll be making: pumpkin and lentil soup, butternut squash salad, roasted seeds. Best time of the year indeed




Pumpkin and lentil, oh my! That does sound glorious.



Anything to bring a change from the never ending salad-icecream-salad loop I'm stuck in!