Midnight Pub

Fun renovations, here!


I honestly don't care so long as it's mostly text, and easy on the keystrokes.

About the only thing I noticed contrary to that latter wish is not seeing a visual difference between visited and unvisited links, which for me implies doing a bunch more work to figure out where I "left off" in the "Latest posts:" list.

Not a biggie. Just a little bit of a sad inner sigh kind of thing.

My pub absence is utterly product of "real life" busy-ness. If anything, the posts have gotten better and better, leading to much inner chomping at the bit to keep up and contribute.

But, alas, even a relatively new pub is no attention match for the one/two punch of a relatively new wife paired with a relatively new house.

Unless the relatively new pub finds a way to wield a relatively new proverbial rolling pin, of course.... :-)


I feel like your kind of busy-ness is a good one, so that's not that bad, right?

The pub welcomes everyone the same way, new faces like me, regulars like you, isn't it the case? So when you feel like taking a moment for yourself, you shouldn't be sorry for your absence.

Just enter the front door and reassure who knows you that you're still around and rocking!



A very good busy-ness, indeed, it has been.

About the only downside has been my wife unintentionally slipping into what I want to call "pin-headed manager mode", i.e. expecting far more than is possible, especially for a nearly 60-year-old, less-than-burly man, especially for failing to take into account downtime due to weariness, sweatiness, eating, digesting, bathroom breaks, etc.

In other words, she doesn't seem to know shit about burdensome reality of context-switching.

But there's icing, too.. namely tendencies to express anything from disappointment, to work-ethic sermonry, to reasons for why I should feel badly/guilty when not living up to her pin-headed, managerial expectations.

I'm working hard to find the best way to express my thoughts/feelings on this impediment to my sanity... but, of course, the very nature of a pin-headed mode includes resistance to being able to as much as hear alternate points of view, let alone consider and change behavior relative to them.

In other words: ego's a bitch, and then we (i.e. it) die(s).



I can relate, even though I'm young.

The world spins too fast on it's own, there's no need for anyone else to put pressure on people.

I sincerely hope your wife manages to get the hint and stops berating you for the work you're already doing.