Midnight Pub

Back in town


///walks into pub and takes a seat at the bar.

///pulls out a photo of tmo and inquiry.

///asks the bartender if he has seen these two around.

///orders a whiskey and waits


BTW, tmo appreciated being remembered, too.



What? You've an inquiry photo? Do you have any idea what such is worth these days?!!??!!!!

<choppy drum roll>

<weak cymbal>

Answer: ZERO

Well, I suppose that's better than having bought crypto, right?

I recall your handle, but sorry to report I'm going to need a couple hints regarding how we "know" each other, where we've interacted, etc. I'm sure it'll all come flooding back to me, but for now my quizzical look is accompanied by a bit of nervous scratching of the top of my.. touchpad.

See, it's this aging thing that seems to be advancing at an accelerated pace on this end these days. That, and gobs of activity in property spaces, leaving me less than sufficiently settled to remember what my online life's allegedly been.

And then there's the brandy which, of course, is way more than merely a fine girl.

(Yeah, I know... an excuse a minute, here... ugh....)

Anyway, it's an honor to have been remembered. Hope your forthcoming elucidations jog - if not sprint - some buried memory back into the consciousness zone!



"Aye, I saw your second lad walking out on the moors on the fourteenth of last december. He was in good spirits, dabbling in something mighty fierce, and talking with the air. We let him walk, lest he'd haul us into his lyrical sorcery, and bring us to ruin."