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A FreeBSD Post Installation Script


So I wrote a FreeBSD post-installation script that tunes the system for desktop use and downloads some essential packages and sets up a nice looking icewm session for the user to enjoy.

Although I confess that it is highly opinionated, it can be found here:




Great job, I love it.

And I expected it to be way longer, I can run this with complete confidence.

FreeBSD is such a neat pretty system, I just didn't have the time to learn it. Do you use it as your main desktop? Do you have any interesting pros of it that really set it apart for you? Apart from the general coherence?



Thank you I'm glad you like it.

I could make it much longer with many more options and dialogues, but I wouldn't even use it myself at that point lol. I like short and simple scripts that work with minimum user effort. This way anyone can change it to their liking.

My main desktop/production machine is Artix Runit but I have FreeBSD installed on my thinkpad x200 and I use it on a daily basis, mostly fot my C lessons and practices.

I like the minimalism of FreeBSD and that it made me learn many of the basics of UNIX. Tbh I don't see myself using FreeBSD as my main machine since many of the things I need are not ported to FreeBSD yet. Maybe once I know how to port stuff I can make those for myself but for now FreeBSD remains on my thinkpad rather than on my HP.