Midnight Pub

pub virgin........ *voyage*


Sitting in a mostly dark room, sun allegedly on its way, intestines churning to nearly the point of cramp with what started as Mexican delight, but now, well, cramp minus m equals what?

It's okay. More sleep would be nice, but at this point I fear oversleeping if I go for just another hour or two, increasing the odds of decreasing the odds of quality somnambulism visiting easily this coming evening.

Then again, my head *does* fear weary... perhaps a bit of lay down on the living room couch?


Welcome to this humble place, Inquiry! I must say my night's been small as well. Too many things still on my mind and I find it easier to stop thinking when I'm awake than when I'm within my dreams.

I'm bartender by the way! Still setting up the bar (https://miso.town/zone?id=3)

Feel free to check the cocktail menu https://bartender.miso.town/cocktails.html and let me know if there's anything you'd like!