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From the "Agony of Azhdahak":

O thunder! loud and proud

How does it feel to roar your sky-breaking bellow and receive a faint shudder and a sigh in return?

Cursed be those who are blind to power unless it serves them!

Cursed be men, women and children who see pain and turn their heads!

My hate is strong!
My hate is pure as a mother's love
    As a father's awe
    As a son's disrepair who had to watch all that he ever
    loved die and could do naught 

I hate for once I loved!

Thus began the becoming of the beast, for he was shunned from his kin.

"Agony of Azhdahak":

Has exactly one result on DDG, and that is this post, congratulations I'd say.

Also, thank you for sharing this, it is quite marvelous, can I find more somewhere? (just agony of Azhdahak only seems to find general lore)



Thank you for your comment.

Azhdahak is an ancient Persian legend. There are many adaptations, the most notable one being "Zahak" in the great epic of "Shahname".

My writing on Azhdahak are more influenced by a contemporary (published about 60 years ago) play of the same name which sadly is not translated to English.

I have been meddling with this character for years and I began to type them just recently. If you are interested you can check my other notes here in Midnightpub or check out my gemini capsul.