Midnight Pub

Waiting for weather


I'm making instant coffee and slowly waking up. It's Saturday and I'm up just after 7.

There was supposed to be a storm sweeping in starting late last night, but that hasn't happened yet. The environmental services are still calling for a big dump of snow, but I woke up this morning, looked out, and nothing. The same melted and refrozen drifts, the same semi-bare streets.

I let the dogs out, then brought them back in. One's now asleep, the other noisily chewing on a bone.

I'm having bad instant coffee in an old enamel mug. I've got a list of things I need to do today, unfortunately requiring driving. I'm watching the sky, waiting to see when the weather's going to become my problem.


Update, I got done everything I needed to do before the weather even started. Halfway through a walk with the dogs when I first felt the snow. Timed things beautifully.