Midnight Pub

architects of cruelty


They built walls as the world caved in

fountains as the reservoirs dried up

prepared feasts in famine

now they lay in rags or in coffins

shouting to the heavens for its cruelty

but the kingdom of heaven's walls held strong

their cries lay unanswered

their servants abandoned them

the utopia they fancied unfurled

a monstrous tapestry of cruelty, greed, and hatred

soon, the cries ceased all together

working on worldbuilding a post-collapse 
(like 100s of years after) society that is 
rebuilding and also studying the past empire that collapsed. 
This is a poem from an in-universe poet


This is good ~protodrew! Intense and dramatic!

Hope to see ya around hee more, as I pop in sometimes. Also #ctrl-c IRC.