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The absurdities of this election-denying age


We have friends who often do cross-border shopping. Before Christmas, they asked us what sort of pillows we like; we said "soft".

At Christmas we opened the small gifts to each other and saw two MyPillows with election denier Mike Lindell's face on them.

"I know he's a crazy," one of our friends said, "but I love his product."

We're now in a position where our friends are coming to stay with us in a month or two's time, and I expect they're going to ask us how we like our pillows. And I'll be honest, I haven't used them yet, and don't want to. In the meantime, we've started using ones made of heavy memory foam, which are excellent, and which have the added advantage of not enriching an election-denying industrialist.

"I don't want to use the pillows I got for Christmas because the profits are being used to fund election-denying activities" - not a sentence I ever thought I'd say when I first came online as a young teenager almost three decades ago.


I struggle with this too on a lesser level: I still enjoy Harry Potter, R.Kelly's "I believe I can fly", and Michael Jackson. They're all works from horrible people, but the works themselves I find amazing and won't deny that the works better humanity by existing instead of not existing.

At the same time, with the exception of the works of HP, I haven't paid a cent on any of these works, so I don't feel like I'm directly supporting pedophiles with my wallet, so I feel like I'm in a position where I can objectively enjoy these works without it being spoiled by the morality of purchasing it

TL;DR - The deed is done and you yourself didn't buy it, so I think you could try the product with a guilt-free conscience and see if it's good. The only harm I can see you doing is recommending the product to other people who might buy it



That's basically it - they're bought, nothing I can really do about it.

And on a happy note, I tried it, and idk, it just felt like a pillow. Nothing world-changing. I'm going back to my memory foam pillow tonight.



No words to make you feel better about the state of the world, but I can at least confirm from when I had one years ago: the pillows are mediocre at best. Doesn't hold a candle to memory foam or even a good conventional pillow.



Went back to the memory foam pillow last night. Bliss. MyPillow? More like MyDisappointment.