Midnight Pub



Howdy Midnighters!

Drinks tonight are on me, tapas too. Help yourself!

I crossed the sixty years line a few days back. So I thought, I should drop by The Midnight at least and have a go on the Music Box.

Quadro Nuevo, Tango bittersweet --- the whole album! No, you can't evade that tonight, it's only an hour. For an intro take "Garcia's Tango in Buenos Aires


Ah, so bitter sweet. Reminds me of my travels in Latin America in 1985..1990. Wonder what Constanza Sofia is up to these days. Dreaming about time gone by. Do I regret? No. It took a while to realize that I made good decisions. But as I get old and fogey and my health is not what it should be, I can't image traveling down South at this moment. Looked at the map today. Anyone been to Puerto MisahuallĂ­ these days? Or to San Pedro de Atacama? Fond memories, I have to say.

And if you are not into tango, this one might change your mind:



later ...

Ok, you didn't like the Tango? How about same Reggae? Laguna Pai, Falsos Maestros

caminando, para no caer

Or more on the cool side, Mono Sepia playing the Pink Panther:



Hey, milestone congramps... I mean congrats! ;-)

(FWIW: add two to arrive at my number)



Howdy, mate! Thanks for your lines. I hope you are doing well.



Oh, 'tis the usual many-splendored stroll down Vicissitudes Lane.

But the sun's shining, I awoke naturally at a reasonable hour, and the leftovers I'm shoveling down between bursts of typing have me "on the top of the world looking down on creation", as it were.