Midnight Pub

hey, Midnight Pubbers! :)


I'm still alive (and well). Been writing away on W.a, as per usual, but wanted to stop in here and say "hello" to any/all. Been tooling around with music equipment stuff lately, and making upgrades to my (very humble) Home Audio Rig, and trying to fix a tube amp at the same time, so, lots a fun there.

Bartender, if you are around, perhaps a coffee? Thank you!

I hope everyone is doing OK with COVID-19 getting worse some places, better in other places. Since my last post, they have come up with a vaccine (omg!), but who knows how widespread the distribution will be in any short period of time. I've been exposed to COVID left and right in the past 15 days (and a while before that, as well), and I haven't had symptoms, hope I continue to NOT have symptoms. I think I'll be OK. Same scenario for my nephew and niece - COVID all around them and they do not get sick. All three of us are of the ilk of not really getting sick with the common cold, or seasonal flu, or anything like that, so maybe we have strong immune systems? idk. Fingers crossed.

Right Now, I am listening to a Tidal-curated playlist of classic Punk on the laptop, and thinking of more ish to write after having a good amount of coffee.

Hope everybody is doing well, staying safe :)


I'm doing about the same. I woke up at 2:15 AM so my dad and I could make the long drive back to college. On the way, we listened to the Martyrmade podcast half the time and the other half, I was asking him question after question about how commodities, mutual funds, hedge funds, pump-and-dumps and all that stuff works. I've been investing- turned my 250 to 340, but I love to learn about how it all works in the background.

We ate at a Denny's as the sun came up, then he dropped me off and I lugged my shit into my dorm. My roommate and I got here about the same time, so we caught up as we unpacked. I made some puer tea in the gaiwan I got for Christmas, but I still feel like passing the fuck out, even though it's not even noon.

My whole family pretty much got covid, none seriously, and for some reason, I either didn't get it or showed no symptoms. Glad you're doing okay in a similar situation.



Good to see you around tmo! Nice to see you've been busy and doing well. I'm also enjoying my coffee break as I'm writing this. Cheers!