Midnight Pub

The beauty of waiting


Our school's submission system takes some time to automatically grade the submission, usually less than 30 seconds, however, it has an automatic reload after that time. Nice loading bar to watch, and there's a specific group of people I've convinced to not reload the page and just, enjoy the 30 seconds of time they have to themselves. Since there's not enough time to do much else, and the time just slowly ticks, some have described it to me as a calming zen moment for them. Which seems better to me than just reloading and reloading.

Same with xlock, it's nice sometimes to just stop, and look at pretty things, I lock my computer, and think about my own thoughts while watching the animations. Really do check then out, they are stunning.

I know that specifically people using Gemini are the ones that seek this kind of ability to stop and really do what they want rather than what their tech wants them to.

Open a nice Cider or beer, sing with your friends and stop to think. Or if you are of the generation that knows how to, then share it with us so we don't forget, thank you.


I think it is mindfulness - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mindfulness . Many ways how to meditate (and be aware). Great you found your way naturally. Start from there :)



Howdy ~michal_atlas, nice to meet you!

~bartender? A spicy hot chocolate and some water, please! Thank you so much!

I can recommend to stare out of the window while on the commute. Rather than staring at a much too small screen of the little attention wasting device. I definitely need that. Look at the clouds while waiting at some table in The Midnight. The wind outside has died down, so it takes longer for the clouds to transform from some helmeted gnome to a sheep or a whale, whatever.

Keep expecting the magic moments like described by Rob


or myself (ah, shameless self advertisement)


Müßiggang, aka idleness is a somewhat forgotten art to keep ones mind sane, I think.




This is why I don't use hugo to build my website, but instead cobbled together a toolkit that uses shell scripts and a makefile. I can speed things up a little with parallization, but I'm content to just issue the command to build and deploy and then go do something else while it runs. It takes as long as it takes.