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2021-01-15 Dirty Dancing
2021-01-14 The Revenge of Borgia Pizza
2021-01-11 Thoughts on the January 6 Insurrection Attempt (CW for US politics)
2021-01-10 Excerpt from the draft of *When You Don't See Me*
2021-01-09 My Wife Gave Me an AlphaSmart 3000 for Christmas
2021-01-04 meow?
2021-01-04 The Milgram Battery (fiction)
2021-01-02 Re: ~nsilvestri Mirror
2020-12-30 Re: ~oracle (Filial Piety Considered Harmful)
2020-12-29 Re: "I can't say I'm pleased" by @firefliesblueskies
2020-12-29 Filial Piety Considered Harmful
2020-12-10 Please Mind the Cat
2020-12-04 It's been a while.
2020-12-04 Wasn't Expecting This