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I just LOVE my day job...


~barkeep, I think I'm going to need some sake.

So, I just rolled off a project at my day job after three months. It involved a web app that used microservices implemented with .NET Core. Each microservice had its own Visual Studio solution and git repository. Each was "self-contained" but also touched upon a "shared" project that was also used by the front-end. Because of the shared library, breakage in one microservice meant all of the microservices were broken and I kept running into breakage and spent more time fighting to get my code to compile than I did implementing features.

It got to the point where the leads calling me up every day to ask, "Why are you still having trouble with this? You've been on the project three months." Never mind that I'm the only team member in my time zone, nothing is documented unless *I* document it myself, and I can't get help because everybody else is busy with their shit.

So I finally say, "Look. I keep telling you the same thing. Everything works in the test environment because every repository is on the same git branch and all of the dependencies line up properly. That's not the case on my development machine, and I'm not getting the help I need to resolve incoming changes that cause breakage when you insist that I merge my branch twice a day. Either get me the help I need or roll me off the project; I'm too tired to care either way."

So now I've got to find a new project. Except that involves dealing with an internal marketplace whose listings make the ones you see on LinkedIn look both informative and inspiring.

I might as well try to get a new job elsewhere. Might even get a raise in the bargain. But then I'd have to roll over my 401(k) and cope with a new health insurance provider. Dammit.



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