Midnight Pub



Sometimes I have trouble getting to sleep at night. Some nights I don’t sleep at all. Tonight was one of them. Apparently insomnia is more prevalent among autistic people but I can’t blame my autism tonight. No, I dosed myself with too much caffeine because Final Fantasy XVI released at midnight last night.

Catherine and I have both been looking forward to the game, especially once a demo became available a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been a FF fan since I was 12 and after Cat and I got married she got dragged into it.

It’s also how she got into power metal and symphonic metal.

She doesn’t have the patience to play the games herself, but likes to watch the cutscenes. She’s there for the music and melodrama. But since she’s a sensible woman and wasn’t jacked up on caffeine she eventually needed to go to bed.

I joined her rather than play without her. Except I couldn’t get to sleep. My usual methods didn’t work. I ended up reading the last third of Fires of Azeroth by C. J. Cherryh with a little USB-charged reading light on its dimmest tolerable setting. I got up twenty minutes ago because in addition to the birdsong outside the house’s open windows I could hear our dog scratching at the door because she wanted out. Never mind that it was around ten after five in the morning.

Maybe she wanted to go out and piss before the garbage trucks started traversing the neighborhood? She always gets a little crazy on Thursdays; we suspect but can’t prove that big trucks are part of the reason our rescue dog is such a trauma puppy.

Regardless, I’m awake and having some more caffeine. My usual bottle of cold-brewed matcha in the morning should keep me going until nightfall and as long as I don’t have any more caffeine later I should be able to sleep tonight.

’Cause I’m not 19 anymore. I got away with going three nights without sleep to play Final Fantasy VII back then, but I’m entirely too old to even consider such insanity now.

The game will still be there if I sleep tonight, as will my day job. But I’m damned well taking today off from work. Not to worry; I had told management I intended to take today off a few weeks ago.

There’s just the question of how to amuse myself while I wait for Catherine to wake up. I still don’t want to play when she’s not around to enjoy the story.

I guess I’ll tinker with my website. I’ve been meaning to change the way I generate my links page; I want to be able to generate an OPML file, mainly so that I can import my subscriptions into any feed reader that will process OPML. I figure others might find such a file useful as well. And if not, tough shit; it’s my website and I’ll do with it as I please.

And I’m all over the place, rambling into my text editor. This, kids, is why you shouldn’t ingest any caffeine after noon if you want to get a decent night’s sleep. At least the dog is settled and I’ve got a cat in my lap.

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there are people that could have 2 cups of coffee before sleep ....and can sleep normally like me



Yeah, I'm not one of them.



Been a while, hasn't it, ~starbreaker? Good to see you here.

Hang in there until you can go to bed early, I guess. An all-nighter is Serious Business when you're not as young as you used to be.



It *has* been a while. How have you been doing?

I've been mainly lurking; this has been the first time in a while that I had written something that I thought might be worth over here, too.



I'm doing okay. I mostly comment over here rather than post. Not really sure why, but usually when I have something I think is worth sharing, I feel like it's worth sharing in my own space. Maybe I should start just rambling incoherently over here.