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This seems simple enough


~bartender, a paloma please, May has come forth much too hot and humid.

I came of age in the 90s with IRC and web primarily built upon manually hand written HTML. As a young adult I was quickly distracted by a burgeoning career in the underlying infrastructure of this technological landscape. As an ambitious lad, I was much too distracted to care for much above the third layer in the parlance of my trade. I suppose this served as a benefit in that I avoided the cacophony of the "social" web and the many distractions of modern media while I focused on my work. From the unseen closets and literal trenches with fiber optic cables, I have been watching the ebb and flows of this so called tech industry. As my career matures I see my peers chasing work, contracts, and startups for the never ending more and more. For myself, this grows more repulsive as the seasons quickly pass. For practical reasons I am still very much stuck in the rat race but here I am rekindling the love for the simple and human speed side of tech.

Cheers to becoming a more familiar face, the next round is on me!


Well said! I share your love of simplicity in computing, and especially with a retro flair. I never got into tech as a job, and the jury's still out on whether that was a good thing or bad. I'm certainly glad to stay as far away from startups and their associated nonsense as possible.

A couple of links you may or may not enjoy.

1MB Club (websites that weigh less than 1MB)
Trashfuture, a tech skeptic podcast

Just be aware that the podcast has a very left-leaning (at least some of the hosts are some flavor of Marxist), if that matters.



Fun retrospective read. Definitely looking forward to more from you.

BTW, in these parts fiber optic cables are used to hang previously beloved computing devices of yesteryear from the walls as sobering reminder decor....