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Newcommer - Or, trying to rethink my new life


Hi there!

I learnt about smolweb circa 2020 and lost all contact with it. Now after a chat with some friends at a Ruby irc, I discovered Gemini and fell in love. After a while I found here. So nice to meet you all :)

Now the post:


My life was great six months ago. My wive was earning a shitload of money and I was with a job in frontend development. She got fired, I left my job to study iOS development and she took 6 months to find another one. She actually found one today.

My life was a mess for six months. We had to relearn how to live in several different ways. My parents divorced (I'm 30, so no drama here). The world's economy went to the ground.

My life now is better than ever! I'm almost moneyless, jobless but I'm with my wife and having a goddamn good time.

Isn't weird how life sometimes turn itself around to teach you stuff?

I'm still making my place, but feel free to check it out:



Welcome from someone who's technically not new, but without a consistent posting history.

I've debated re-engaging with the tildeverse. I was on an instance for awhile a year or two ago, but left due to some problematic politics in the IRC. I'm still looking for someplace to really consider *home* online, and the Midnight is thusfar the only place I've stuck with. Much of this is me: I rarely do the work necessary to integrate myself (in the sense of not being engaged enough). I also tend to be far too impatient, expecting too much too soon.

Anyway, I'll again say that this is a good spot. Don't forget that you have web space here too!



Good to know about your experience!

I want to create a midnight pub look a like but in Portuguese for brazillians. I don't have a server yet, though. Anyways, I'm enjoying so far!



As for me and mine, we prefer Murphy's Law when it comes to unsought life teaching.... :-)




Yeah, it can be a great teacher, for better or for worse. :P




I am also new here, so here's a warm welcome from a fellow new patron.

Congratulations to your wife for finding a new job today: I hope it's one she enjoys.

I feel like I went through the same level of chaos but in reverse in the past few years: my long term relationship ended and I threw myself into my work - which for some time was the only thing going really well in my life.

Now I am kind of stuck with a horrible work-life balance and struggling to separate my identity and value from my work. Which is not easy because at the same time I am absolutely proud of it, and I enjoy the challenges.

It sounds like your parents divorced quite late, I hope they are OK!



Going backwards:

Yes, they did! 35 years of marriage. But it was for the better. Their relationship was not the best, far from it.

I can imagine :( I don't know what to say besides good luck in finding this balance. It is quite challenging, especially in this world which your job is everything. Maybe you do not need to change this side of you, just try to resignify it?

About the job, shes already happy with it and didn't even start haha