Midnight Pub

something something yardwork makes beer sweeter


Today's been busy. Got tomato plants, carrot and cucumber seeds, bags of compost. Took the dogs to the vet for their shots and heartworm/tick medication, then got down to business. Weeded the vegetable garden, turned the soil with a garden fork, poured out the compost, worked it in. Found a few potatoes from last year I must've missed, and which had started sprouting. Planted those, came inside, had a shower and poured a beer.

We have company over and my partner and friend are making macarons. They do this semi-regularly, but have declared this batch "not our finest hour". The batter a bit loose, taking way more time to sit before going in the oven. Lemon macarons with lemon and strawberry curd. Having a couple of the worst-looking ones with a Belgian-style 8% blonde. Absolutely glorious. And grateful for everything. Back hurts, leg hurts, heart's full.


Drinking a beer after a hard work it's always a blessing :)