Midnight Pub

it's you and me, phone - entertain me


Sub-title, "HEAR we are now, entertain us!"

The ego-driven, hyped privilege of the mental/emotional DEMAND that a device I own *entertain* me. And also, why? Entertainment is good and needed in the world, especially that rendering physiological stimulation, feedback of positive consequence, et al., but why the effort/stress of picking up my phone and thinking: "ok, let's find some digital amusement"

To recall another Nirvana lyric,

"I wish I were like you

Easily amused"

But I rarely am (easily amused). Not that boredom dominates my life, especially these days, as things are picking up in regards to self/life improvement. I e come to deem the position in life as "Milhouse Come-uppin's", from the line in The Simpsons where Milhouse says "well, everything is coming up Milhouse". Riot

Anyway, I'm gonna go squash my ego, or burn it down , or ignore it - whatever, and just spin through the night as one does with little sleep in two days (I have no idea why because hashtag sober) and try to see the bearer of rad news to people should they rexch out via email or IRC. Trying to keep/be appositive influence for myself and in the world.

Be nice all