Midnight Pub

A hiatus for ^Z, and other things


The zine, Ctrl-ZINE (^Z) is taking a break. It's been monthly for three issues, but despite people saying they will send in content, it never hits my inbox, so I will let some entries "pile up" (if they do) and go from there.

But it's still around

Also, someone put on their blog a list of other blogs they like to read, and some of them are daily logs, and I think "I remember when I actually *liked* doing that stuff!". I suppose expiration dates come for everyone, especially if they have been doing the same thing for so long.

I feel it (the writing, stepping away from it) is mandatory (for me) at this stage in life. I've taken multi-year hiatus' (hiatii? Sounds bad) from writing in my life before. Having been diligent about it since age of 8, and this seems like one of those times. Granted, a paragraph a few times a day is "tolerable" (accurate way to put it), but more? No.

Hope everyone is well :)