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short sleep


in college when I felt invincible (unlimited stamina and so) I went a week or so reading creepypasta and then not sleeping much (as a consequence of not wanting to be eaten by a wall or whatever). then I read about dymaxion sleep or polyphasic sleep and thought maybe I'll give it a try someday, but never actually got to sleep in the morning or at noon (even when I had some classes I would definitely want to sleep through). now that I have to get used to a two hour on/off schedule, I definitely cannot recommend it.

baby goes into sleep mode, dad goes into stealth mode


I knew a dude in college who did one of those only-30-minute-nap sleep schedules and swore by it. Though I don't know how many of the naps he took a day.

I think his cocaine use might have had something to do with it too.



I think we did something like this in the Army during FTX's (Field Training Exercises), but it was an hour on/hour off in a battle buddy system. Still, everyone tried to arrange it so it was 2 hours sleep, 2 hours "fireguard"/patrol. Thing is, exceeding 2 hours starts the REM Cycle (sometimes) and makes one more lethargic when woken up, and one hour at a time will just barely keep one "rested" but not rejuvenated for the day.

Was always nice when we could get in 7+ hours.

I think of this sometimes over the past two weeks, as I have been getting only three hours a night due to excitement for an upcoming move. One hour of sleep in the afternoon and then three hours in the middle of the night. That's all I am working with. Tired, drained a lot. Will be glad to be back on schedule.

On that note, ~bartender, can you top off my coffee? TYSM :)



i always wanted to pick up a sleep schedule that worked like that. maybe it's superficial, but the idea that you only sleep for a couple of hours at a time feels productive. alas, i've heard it be not recommended by a few folks so i doubt i'll ever commit to trying to adopt it - oh well.

good luck to you, and here's to a good night (day's) sleep! :cheers: