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i finally found an rss reader i like, newsboat! i've been looking for a bunch of basic tools i can use from my terminal, and an rss reader is up there on the list of importance. i've been learning how to use vim for the past couple months and i feel like i'm getting there, but i'm nowhere close to power user. i also want to move to using smol.pub and midnight.pub solely from the terminal (which i can do now, because i've added the feeds to my reader). let me know if you've got any other tools i should check out!


going all in on rss has been a ton of fun. I mostly read on my phone or ereader but newsboat is a reliable favorite.

yeah I feel that with vim, I could probably use it for the rest of my life and still feel like I am barely scratching the surface. been trying to use it without doing much research until ive identified something I want to try with it. Recently switched to neovim with fennel for my scripting language and conjure to evaluate parts of a script w/o the need to run the whole file.

I recommend toot if you are on mastodon as well for a nice tui experience, also spotify-tui if u have spotify premium.



great recommendations! yeah i love toot, neovim, and spotify-tui. i absolutely love how terminal applications are designed. i wish everything i used (basically just messages after all of the previously mentioned stuff) was a cli/tui application. i love it way more than the web if i'm honest.



howdy fellow patron :)

managed to shuffle through some of my coat pockets, and found this neat link to my site that lists quite a few different CLI tools: http://sbcv.co.uk/resources :)

as a starter pack, i definitely recommend these to get you started:

- tmux (it's like tabs for your command-line!)

- irssi (for IRC and whatnot)

- mutt (email)

- easymail (if mutt in your package repo

isnt compiled with smtp support)

- links (much more preferable to lynx in my opinion!)

- openvpn

- mplayer (for anything video / sound related)

- fzf (dmenu for the command-line)

that being said, there's a plethora of tools i haven't put up there yet that i use everyday in my CLI environment!

good luck to ya!



hey ~jr! Definitely lynx, a CLI-based browser. Mutt for e-mail, should you want to use e-mail through the CLI. Spotify-TUI for listening that way, too.

I'm sort of becoming more CLI-centric, myself, but haven't jumped in too deep. Most things are still Firefox.

Stay well! Later!



thanks for sharing, lynx is awesome! i'm becoming more of a CLI guy after being a web guy for years and years.

you as well!