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I write this so there is something here, when you click on my nickname. It would be impolite to comment on other posts and not having any posts myself. So this is it.

In search of less time online...


hello ~petpave

Same here on the less time online comment. I am going through online and unsubscribing from a couple premium services, and also re-subscribing annually to others that actually serve a utility in my day-to-day online activities. I spend a lot of the time in front of my TV as of late, and less time online, but even then, I will spend hours in front of the CLI in IRC chat (which is "online"), so.... not as much time away as I would have hoped.

Good to see ya around. Have a good one! :)



I haven't used IRC for 20 years (⁠•⁠‿⁠•⁠)

But... overwhelmed by ...having phone in the pocket instantly ready to check for anything that comes to my mind...addicted to news check...reading newsletters (now tried to remove some to rss reader)...posting photos on different photo sites including ig, tumblr, blogs, flickr etc..when i shoot i want to share but it draws me back online...but everything' seems to attract, information that i dont know...this habit... or mindset


I have been reading Cal Newport blog about Digital minimalism, also his book..i agree...i tried...many times, but worked for some time until I was back to...online

It is about will, discipline, habits, deeper change of values, interests...

I even tried dumb phones twice, but after 7 months i realized this is not so convenient for many daily things...



I tried a Nokia 3310 (new model) a couple years back, but it didn't take my SIM, and I was lazy, so I sent it back. Haha.

I used to subscribe to Cal Newport's blog back in the day. He has good things to say about "digital minimalism", as he calls it (social media avoidance), but I unsubscribed some time back.

Come visit #ctrl-c IRC! Good crowd there! :)




Nokia 3310 is cute. I used it and now in the drawer. Writing sms is pain.

IRC, thanks but I will not step into these waters as it would eat some more time.