Midnight Pub

stopping in for a late-night mug of java


As in, the caffeinated kind labeled Folgers - not the programming language. Speaking of programming, I was notified that my LetsEncrypt certificate is about to expire for my landing page, and so I guess I will renew, and that will be a small hassle, but worth it? My interest and activities in Web development has fallen off a cliff in the past couple of months, as I KNOW I will never make money from it, and the joy part of it was never truly there for me, so I will just...not do that thing anymore. LOL! Maybe if I get some sort of inspiration to build something in the future, I will know where to start, but, idgaf about it right now, to be honest. So, what has been happening over the past...2+ months since my last post (not counting yesterday's post). Well, I turned 37, got a MacBook Air (not M1 inside), celebrated the holidays (virtually), stayed off social media, made some small upgrades to my Home Audio Rig. And here, it seems that M.p is in it's third iteration of design, and this layout is the best one yet, to be honest. I don't see rooms anymore, so I will just have to have my pipe where I wish, lol! No e-books have been written (I may just stop trying to write those), no mythical Web dev projects struck my fancy (it was/is a tedious process, anyway), and nothing too interesting has happened in my world - just music, writing, smoking, living, being. That's all