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Cob(WW)Webs and the New AI Sheen!


If you've ever been a kid (most of us have) then you remember how awesome a New Thing was. The toy under the tree, the birthday gift, whatever - new things have a nice "sheen" to them. The niceness of them being new. Which (at the time) seems like an "add-on" to the current things of niceness one owns. Time and energy to enjoy BOTH things, right? Until more time/energy gets allotted to the New Thing, then the old thing becomes mostly JUST that - old.

I think the WWW will suffer this folly. AI will become so beneficial, so useful, so enthralling and (dare I say it) utilitarian, that the Web (itself) will seem like a protocol that acts as only that - a protocol (not even the Web, but the Internet protocol, pre-dating the WWW by many years). Why? Because what becomes "old" before anything else? Where is obsolescence more obvious and expected, other than technology? It sort of what a/the thing (laptop, phone, watch) has going for it - it's the "latest tech"!

And I am not saying these things will "go away" wholesale (though the phasing out of LAN technologies in some countries makes one think we're not TOO far off), but a cobWeb of what is here now, may be all that remains some decade(s) down the line. Blogs become dustmites, search engines become the scattered insect exoskeleton that lay glitching in the wind. Held fledglingly by the old twigs of broadband infrastructure.

I'm "FOR" the new thing (AI) to come to it's highest fruition. Though I may not delve in as deeply as I did the Web, it (AI) will still make a difference in a significant way in my, and others, lives. Good and bad. Nothing is perfect.


WEEELLLLL, the I in AI is not indicating "intelligence", in my not so humble opinion. These programs produce a complex "statistical mean" of word frequencies. It looks plausible on the surface, but it isn't. However, I'm afraid that this sort of newfangled statistics will indeed influence life to an unforeseen extent. Not something I'm looking forward to.

~bartender? A cool home made lemonade, please. A big jar, if you are up to it. Thanks!



ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE -super clever computer program, right? :)

i think it is overused term